MNV Profile

MNV Consulting Ltd is an environmental consultancy specialising in water resources management and river restoration.

Now recognised as an important part of our natural heritage, rivers provide rich habitats, they are essential for many water supplies, they provide a source of renewable energy, they provide a means of transport and they are attractive features. Rural, urban and industrial developments have however impacted many rivers. These have included changes to the river flows, damage to the channels, loss of habitats and aquatic life, pollution to the water and general loss of appearance of the rivers. Our work aims to continue using rivers for providing drinking water, power and irrigation while protecting and restoring the rivers to be as natural as possible.

Much of our past work focused around the development of small scale hydro-power schemes. Using our experience of river systems and our specialist skills we assess hydro potential, monitor river flows, undertake environmental surveys and obtain the necessary consents. So far we have been involved in over 70 hydro schemes including 10 which we project managed through to planning consent and 3 which we project managed through construction.

Our current focus is on river and catchment restoration work, designing and implementing the work. River restoration includes the re-alignment of river where past canalisation has occurred, removal of barriers to fish migration, controlling erosion, protecting infrastructure and improving habitats. The catchment management work has developed from our experience of upland catchment and river system. We use this experience to design natural ways of reducing runoff rates which will reduce the risk of downstream flooding, improve habitats and enhance hydropower schemes. 

Our specialist skills include:

  • River gauging
  • Hydro-power design and construction
  • Environmental surveys
  • Environmental management plans
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Flood surveys
  • River restoration
  • Catchment management