Hydropower development

MNV develops a range of hydropower schemes from run-of river to low head and storage schemes.

We have undertaken the hydrological monitoring and analysis of over 150 schemes in the UK. These have included most of the large scale reservoir schemes built in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. In addition we have gauged many of the schemes built in the last 15 years in Scotland. Analysis has been carried out to produce long term flow duration curves as well as P90 and P50 analysis.

During the planning phase we undertake feasibility analyses as well as environmental surveys, topographic surveys and energy assessments. We develop the planning applications and submit grid connection applications as well as CAR licence applications. We have recently submitted 15 planning applications, all of which were approved.

During the construction we project manage the civil engineering works as well as the mechanical, electrical, environmental protection works. In the past 3 years we have project managed 3 major schemes in Scotland.

As a development of our catchment management work for flood management, we are developing catchment restoration strategies which will improve hydropower generation. The overall aim is to reduce runoff rates and increase storage in the catchment. This is done by a strategic plan of river restoration, wetland restoration and the construction of small reservoirs.

A number of hydro schemes are now being developed using some large reservoirs which have become redundant assets. MNV undertakes the hydrological analysis of the hydro scheme and then uses models of the scheme to evaluate the effects of raising the dams and managing the release according to the volume stored in the reservoir.