Catchment management


Catchment surveys

GIS and walk-over surveys of the catchment including drainage density, wetlands, soils, glacial deposits, peat deposits, slope, woodlands, artificial drains and roads.

Hydrological modelling

Development of hydrological model of river flows for the catchment to test the effectiveness of catchment management. Models quantify the reduction in peak flows, raising of low flows and the effects on flood risk, water resources and hydro-power generation.

River restoration

Restoration of natural channel networks. Restoring channel meanders, floodplain storage, removal of artificial blockages and sediment management.

Woodland management

Creation of natural woodlands to stabilise hillslopes, reduce overland runoff rates and protect snow packs. 

Wetland restoration

Restoration of natural wetlands after past drainage for improve upland grazing. Blocking of drains and removal of canalised sections of rivers to store water and buffer flood flows.

Reservoir management

Creation of artificial reservoirs, large or small, with controlled releases of the water to manage the outflows and benefit downstream users.  

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