Environmental monitoring

River gauging


Installation and operation of river gauging stations for water resources management, hydropower, abstraction and discharge consent and flood management. 

Data loggers


Automatic data loggers installed in rivers, pipes, tanks, lakes and reservoirs to monitor water levels and river flows and store or transmit the data to the user.

Data analysis


Archiving and analysis of long and short term data sets with the use of statistical analyses to determine variations from the average, probability analysis and flow duration curves.

Water quality


Installation and operation of multi sensor data loggers to monitor a range of water quality parameters including turbidity, pH and conductivity.

Flood warning


Installation of instrumentation upstream of flood risk site to provide automatic warnings of when a flood peak will occur and how high the water will reach.

Weather monitoring


Installation and operation of automatic weather stations with a range of sensors including wind speed and direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity and radiation.

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