Latest News 2018

Featherstone Castle river bank stabilisation

MNV  constructed a 100m rock wall along the bank of the River South Tyne in Northumberland. The bank is 4m high and it had been eroding towards a footbridge and road. 1700 tonnes of quarry rock was used to prevent further erosion.  

River Tay bank stabilisation

MNV carried out emergency bank protection works to protect a gas pipeline which was in danger of collapsing into the River Tay at Kincraigie. 2500 tonnes of rock was used to infill scour holes and protect the bank. The pipeline could then be safely moved to a new location.

Shiel Farm peatland restoration

MNV Consulting was contracted by the RSPB to restore an area of blanket bog following the removal of a commercial forest at Shiel Farm, Ayrshire. Peat dams and plastic pile dams were installed and tree debris mulched, tree roots flipped and ground down to restore an area of 27ha.

Glaisdale Ford fish pass construction

MNV  completed the construction of a rock ramp fish pass downstream of the Glaisdale ford for the North York Moors National Park. The river channel had been washed out by recent floods preventing fish migration.The ford was stabilised and a rock ramp constructed using 1 to 2 tonne boulders with a channel down the centre for the fish to move upstream and smolts to move downstream. 

Glasgow Prestwick Airport riverbank stabilisation

MNV undertook the design and construction of river bank stabilisation on the Pow Burn at Glasgow Prestwick Airport. The work was completed using log terracing to protect the bank with the logs placed around existing services and mature trees and all anchored into the bank with earth anchors.   

Tardoes Farm peatland restoration

MNV was contracted by the RSPB to undertake a programme of peatland restoration at Tardoes Farm, Ayrshire. 400ha of peatland has previously been drained to improve grazing. The contract will block and reprofile the drains, re-profile peat hags and protect eroding bare peat.