River restoration

Rock armour


Re-profiling of the river bank and the placement of large rocks to prevent further erosion and protect vital infrastructure.

Log terracing


Re-profiling of steep banks with mature trees by constructing terraces using tree trunks with log spacers and ground anchors.

Root wadding


Re-building of an eroded bank in high energy rivers by anchoring tree trunks, including the root systems, into the river bank and infilling the gaps to restore the channel bank.

Meander restoration


Restoring natural river meanders which have been artificially cut off, to slow flood flows and to re-create in-channel habitats.

Willow spiling


Protection of an eroding channel bank in lowland rivers by the construction of a series of live willow terraces. 

Channel management


Carrying out regular river channel maintenance to keep the channels free of excess debris but maintaining enough small dams along the channel to buffer flood flows. 

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